Schedule: Thursday to Tuesday : 9am - 10pm

Therapeutic Massage :

The therapeutic massage approach offers several different protocols from kinesitherapy, deep tissue and sports massage therapy that allow the therapist to meet your needs through targeted biomechanical work, unlike choreographed manoeuvers found in other massage practices. This method allows myofascial release that acts on muscle and joint levels.

In general, this approach improves blood circulation and eliminates toxins and metabolic waste, reduces stress by relaxing the nervous system, improves skin elasticity and reduces muscle tension.

For athletes :

For athletes, this approach maintains and improves joint flexibility and tissue while decreasing muscle spasms and/or soreness after training or competition.

It facilitates recovery and decreases the time required to heal from an injury, helps reduce the stress associated with training or competition and ultimately, allows the athlete to maintain a more regular and frequent training.

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Ideal For :

– Chronic pain following an injury
– Movement limitations
– Aches due to repetitive movements
– Postural problems
– Fibromyalgia
– Spasms and muscle tension
– Scars
– Arthritis pain
– Sleeping disorders