Schedule: Thursday to Tuesday : 9am - 10pm

Cancer massage therapy:

Cancer massage therapy is a supplement that helps to significantly reduce the pain associated with cancer, compared to no massage.

Massage therapy does not act on the cancer directly, but acts on pain related to treatment, bed rest, lack of mobility and muscle contractions created by the pain of the disease.

People living with cancer often use complementary approaches to medicine to relieve the symptoms of the disease or the side effects of treatments.

Each massage therapy treatment is appropriate to the person receiving it according to the stage, the constraints of the disease and their comfort and mobility objectives. The same goes for the massage, which must be adapted to the state of health and the needs of the client.

Mobility is an important aspect especially during this period of physical restrictions. The benefits of massage therapy lift the spirits.


Ideal for :

– Pain relief

– Reduction of anxiety and stress

– Reduced fatigue

– Improved quality of life

– Relief of pain following compensatory movements or secondary cancer