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My name Is Felicia, I am a competing Martial Artist and Kickboxing coach who gets a lot of mileage with my body. I had recently received my first serious tendant injury while training and was facing the possibility of not being able to compete or continue to do what I love. It’s been 6 weeks since my injury and It was barely Improving. I decide that I must make an appointment with Pascal Savoie at Station Telos, whom is extremely knowledgable about the human anatomy and healing. He was able to Improve the flexibility and amont of pain I feel by such an extent after 1 session that I will be seeing him once a week for several months to continue my healing. Extremely deep, I breathed into the pain until I went into a transe, unlocking many traumas in my muscle memory. I highly recommend any athlete or person dealing with physical traumas to see Mr. Savoie. I am personally referring all my family and friends to him to aquire the same healing experience as I have had.

Felicia Dea Leblanc

Pascal offers excellent quality therapy! He’s the best at this, being polite, professional, and knowing how to treat different issues. I would definitely recommend him!! If you’re an athlete listen to his tips and you’ll never be disappointed.

Natalia Torres

Pascal has a very comprehensive approach to the human body and offers high quality therapy to those who need it. He is very polite, professional, has a large repertoire of techniques and is able to handle a variety of issues. I recommend his service and will be going back.

Cynthia J.

Extremely competent… Varied techniques and very adaptable. he understands the body and spends time where is required! I referred lots of people to him (chronic or momentneous issues) and all are satisfied. Would highly recommend!

Aiham Z.

Pascal is in another category of massage therapists. He is extremely knowledgeable and gets to the root of issues, giving straight-up feedback and advice if requested. I highly recommend him, especially for athletes and people who are interested in mobility.

Jen M.

Pascal provides excellent therapy and insights to improve ones mobility. I highly recommend his services.

J. Delmarr

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