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Shiatsu Massage :

Shiatsu is a Japanese therapeutic type of massage that aims to restore the vital energy flow within the body from areas where it might be in deficit or in excess, similar to acupuncture. Where the acupuncturist uses needles, the Shiatsu therapist mainly uses their fingers and thumbs, sometimes elbows, wrists or feet, to stimulate different body points located on the vital energy meridians (chi). Shiatsu was officially acknowledged as a valid and effective therapeutic technique by the Ministry of Health in Japan in 1995.

This technique stimulates self-healing, encourages the natural flow of chi (vital energy) and improves flow in stagnant areas. In shiatsu, several massage techniques can be used: kneading, fine pressure, shaking, stretching, joint rotations and vibrations.

The specific nature of shiatsu is that it factors in three aspects of the being during the massage: the physical, the emotional and the psychological aspects. Physical pain can come from an outside element (accident, excessive training, fall…) but we must keep in mind that the mind affects the body and that thoughts can affect body sensations. Each shiatsu session is personalized to meet specific needs.

Shiatsu restores the natural vital energy flow and provides much needed relaxation to balance today’s lifestyle. It allows for a better stress response, whether instigated by particular events, projects or everyday life, and helps prevent the many pains that may come as result.


Ideal for :

– Energy levels

– Overall health

– Allergies

– Lower back pain

– Restless leg syndrome

– Sleep disorders

– Excess stress and Anxiety

– Sciatica

– Central nervous system conditions

– Fatigue, exhaustion

– Constipation

– Depression

– Grief, important transitions

– Impaired digestion

– Restlessness, nervousness

– Eczema

– Soreness

– Eating Disorders

– Immune system health and promotes healing process